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See below for the no nonsense protein packed porridge recipe:

Does porridge fill you up?

I know it should, but I don’t get it, because this week I tried it, I loved it, but porridge fell down on filling me up.

Of course I tried again when I wasn’t full and now I’m  happy to share to save you time in trying as I’ve hit the nail on the head. This is a perfeclty simple but protein packed porridge that’s not only tasty, but filling and healthy too.  Seriously, this breakfast was warming for these dark wintry mornings, and a comforting start to look forward to on waking.

To try it you will need:


OATS (2 handfuls) | CHIA SEEDS (2 tbsp) | MILLED FLAX SEED (2tbsp) | HEMP MILK (100-150ml) | APPLES (1 medium) | CINNAMON (1 tsp) | COCONUT OIL (1 tsp)| PUMPKIN SEEDS (1 heaped tsp)| SUNFLOWER SEEDS (1 heaped tsp)| ALMONDS (handful)| MAPLE SYRUP (1 tbsp)

*Measurements will differ depending how you like your porridge though, so have a play around with ingredients until you get it not too runny, not too thick, but just right!


Pop the oats in a bowl with 100ml hemp milk, the chia seeds and the milled flax seed

Stir it all together and pop in the microwave for 1 minute on a high heat

Meanwhile – or in fact before you heat the oats – melt the teaspoon of coconut oil in a pan

Core and slice the apple quite thinly, leaving the skin on

Add it to the pan once oil has melted |Add the cinnamon in on top of the apple

Add the almonds, seeds and maple syrup

Stir up up and make sure all the ingredients in the pan are coated in the sticky syrup and cinnamon mixture

Leave to simmer and the apple to soften for about 3-5 mins

Add the remaining 50mls hemp milk to the oat mix and reheat for another 1 minute

Stir the porridge, add half the apple mix  from the pan on to the top

*You can then add the remaining mixture, or some more maple syrup, nuts or seeds of choice to garnish!

**Eat quickly while piping HOT**

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