No nonsense nutrition Workplace Wellness

Workplace Wellness – Corporate wellbeing and nutrition in the workplace

Recent statistics (HSE) show that between 2012 – 2013 over a million employees in the UK were suffering a work related illness. This resulted in a loss of 27 million working days. Due to stats like this, increasing numbers of organisations on a large or small scale are recognising the importance of employee wellbeing.

At no nonsense nutrition we believe optimum nutrition can provide a foundation for a healthy workplace, and promoting health and wellbeing among employees can result in a boost of employee morale and performance (not to mention less money lost as a result of fewer sick days taken!)

With workplace wellness we aim to show measurable benefits in improving employee energy, morale, motivation and therefore productivity resulting in reduced absenteeism and lower staff turnover. We offer:

  • on site drop in clinics
  • on site personal health coaching (at a corporate rate)
  • on site workshops
  • canteen visits
For further info and rates on our Workplace Wellness services, or to book a consultation please email:
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