No nonsense nutrition MOT

No nonsense nutrition MOT – advice and motivation sessions for help with those day-to-day challenges.

Need help with the shopping list, or meal planning for the family?
Can’t find the time to cook meals from scratch?
Want to budget on the weekly shop, while still buying healthy foods?
Fancy a takeaway, but want to find the healthiest option? 

The no nonsense nutrition MOT takes a minimum of 3 sessions – these can be one-to-one or for the whole family – in our clinics or via email, phone, or Skype if easier for you.  Each appointment in person or via phone/Skype will last approx 60 minutes (sessions may be slightly longer depending on your needs, wants and goals).  We take each case individually and plan with you in order to work through any bad habits, improve the nutritional content of your shopping basket and plan your time, meals and budgets to your specific requirements.

In general the sessions follow these 3 stages, but will be tailored to you:

1) We take a good look at current habits, budgets and goals,
2) We improve on the bad habits, stick to the budgets, work towards the goals,
3) We monitor your progress to a successful, sustainable, healthy and rewarding plan.

You may book as many follow up sessions as required, plus we are always here to keep you on track and available via email on: for further tips and motivation.

To book the full MOT and/or individual follow ups:
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