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How no nonsense nutrition services can work for you

At no nonsense nutrition we offer nutrition and lifestyle advice in the form of fully comprehensive programmes, personal health coaching and/or workshops and clinics.  By clicking the following the links below you can find out more about each individual service and you can book an appointment by emailing

If you are looking for a service not listed here, please get in touch and let us know:



Consultations can be in person, or via email, phone or Skype – whatever suits you.

Initial consultations usually take between 60-90 minutes and should preferably be undertaken face to face.  Please see our Clinics page for details of when and where we are availablein Brighton, Croydon and London. Follow-ups can take up to 60 minutes each in person, via phone/Skype, or can be completed via email.

Before your first consultation you may be asked to complete a medical history, a health questionnaire and/or a food diary – these will need to be returned to us before your first consultation to enable us to build a picture of your health history.  In the initial sessions you may be asked to complete some further health and lifestyle questionnaires so we can assess your general health and what may be causing concern. We will look at what foods you are currently consuming, meal routines and shopping budgets. We will take a look at your general lifestyle, including work, family, relationships for example and think about your likes and dislikes. Please bear in mind, in the case of weight management, body measurements will also be taken.

In these first consultations we will also try and establish some overall goals, setting our direction for the following sessions. In doing this, your first sessions should identify any underlying health or lifestyle issues, establish your goals and the best programme to follow in order to achieve them.



As you will see by following the links below, we offer a range of programmes as well as personal health coaching and nutrition advice for specific areas of concern.  The programmes we offer follow an 8 week plan.  This requires an equal level of commitment from us and yourself as it is best to complete the 8 weeks programme with 1 session per week.  Ideally this session will be on the same day each week, and will last up to approx 60 minutes.  We allow payment on a session-by-session basis, or offer a discount when booking the full course upfront.  For full payment instruction for any of our services please email

As well as the programmes, we offer bespoke workshops and clinic days for families, workplace nutrition, and other such services.  Please email with any queries.



Our overall aim is to uncover the root cause of your concerns via specific nutritional diet and lifestyle analysis, then together devise a realistic action plan covering diet and lifestyle or, if necessary, just providing information to take away.  In some cases we may advise you visit another health professional such as your GP or a specialist for further tests.  We do not advise you use any of the information offered in any of our services in place of full medical support from your GP or health professional. Please see our Disclaimer at the bottom of the page for further details.

Please note: In between consultations on any service, you can contact us via email at for clarification or guidance on your plan, or for any motivational tips to keep you on the right track.

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