All The Greens: Simple green smoothie recipe

This weeks simple green smoothie recipe is below.  Starting as we mean to go on using ALL THE GREENS!  (All the green stuff we had anyway).  There can always be more greens….


Spinach (fresh and raw, a good handful)

Avocado (1/2 a frozen one)

Cucumber (1/3rd)

Kiwi (1 whole fruit inc skin)

Apple (1/2 a fresh green with skin, no pips)

Ginger (about an inch, fresh raw ginger root – skin off)

Water (COLD 240ml or more to acquired thickness)


Chop all the solid ingredients to chunks (you might want to leave the frozen avocado out a bit so easier to chop and blend), then add to blender  |  Add a good handful of raw baby spinach leaves to the chopped ingredients  |  Pour over the water to almost cover  |  BLEND (in the nutribullet we blend between 15-21 seconds)

Things to remember:

  • Try and use more vegetables than fruits in your green smoothie.  You don’t want too much sugar – even if its fruit sugar – at this time of the day otherwise you’re setting yourself up for a crash, a sugar slump, later on.  Saying that – if you are starting out with the smoothie blending and/or you naturally have a ‘sweet tooth’ start mixing fruits and veg and gradually replace the fruit to get to a higher ratio of veg to fruit as your tastes develop.
  • Try adding a splash of apple juice to the blend if you don’t like the texture of the blended apple it can be something you will get used to, but it can be bitty and separate easily, therefore the juice instead will sweeten the green smoothie a lot and give a better drinking texture
  • You can always use more/different greens – you can blend up any green veggies in theory – how about trying another few of our favorites from the list below for your next simple green smoothie:

Broccoli  |  Celery  |  Mangetout  |  Snow peas  |  Kale  |  Lettuce  |  Chicory  |  Asparagus

Nutrition Info:

  • In the green packed blend today you will find a huge vitamin C, antioxidant boost!  This comes from the KIWI fruit, which will also provide a healthy amount of both soluble fibre (the green part) and insoluble fibre (the skin and seeds)
  • You will also be lapping up a good hit of vitamin A from the SPINACH (remember this is great for your skin, hair and nails)
  • Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin – so blending this with the AVOCADO, will help the uptake of vit A in your body, while the good fats (ie about 10g of monounsaturated fat in half an avo) will also help in lowering bad cholesterol.
  • The avocado will also provide more fibre and holds vitamin B6 again good for skin, hair and nails, while it can also provide positive effects on PMT and hormone control.
  • GINGER of known more as a flavouring, and really will spice up your smoothie, but its also known for its anti sickness properties.  Its great for relieving nausea so if you’re suffering morning sickness, have a long journey ahead or are just feeling a bit queasy anytime ginger can help!

OK, well there you have it – the no nonsense nutrition, all the greens smoothie!  Have a go and let me know what you put in yours…  For more recipes grab our newsletter HERE and please share your lovely green smoothie pics and recipes with us via social – you can find us on:  FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER

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