Protein Packed Porridge – try our recipe

See below for the no nonsense protein packed porridge recipe:

Does porridge fill you up?

I know it should, but I don’t get it, because this week I tried it, I loved it, but porridge fell down on filling me up.

Of course I tried again when I wasn’t full and now I’m  happy to share to save you time in trying as I’ve hit the nail on the head. This is a perfeclty simple but protein packed porridge that’s not only tasty, but filling and healthy too.  Seriously, this breakfast was warming for these dark wintry mornings, and a comforting start to look forward to on waking.

To try it you will need:


OATS (2 handfuls) | CHIA SEEDS (2 tbsp) | MILLED FLAX SEED (2tbsp) | HEMP MILK (100-150ml) | APPLES (1 medium) | CINNAMON (1 tsp) | COCONUT OIL (1 tsp)| PUMPKIN SEEDS (1 heaped tsp)| SUNFLOWER SEEDS (1 heaped tsp)| ALMONDS (handful)| MAPLE SYRUP (1 tbsp)

*Measurements will differ depending how you like your porridge though, so have a play around with ingredients until you get it not too runny, not too thick, but just right!


Pop the oats in a bowl with 100ml hemp milk, the chia seeds and the milled flax seed

Stir it all together and pop in the microwave for 1 minute on a high heat

Meanwhile – or in fact before you heat the oats – melt the teaspoon of coconut oil in a pan

Core and slice the apple quite thinly, leaving the skin on

Add it to the pan once oil has melted |Add the cinnamon in on top of the apple

Add the almonds, seeds and maple syrup

Stir up up and make sure all the ingredients in the pan are coated in the sticky syrup and cinnamon mixture

Leave to simmer and the apple to soften for about 3-5 mins

Add the remaining 50mls hemp milk to the oat mix and reheat for another 1 minute

Stir the porridge, add half the apple mix  from the pan on to the top

*You can then add the remaining mixture, or some more maple syrup, nuts or seeds of choice to garnish!

**Eat quickly while piping HOT**

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Protein – bored of chicken and lentils?

What is protein? How much protein should I eat? How do I know how much protein is in my food? Which food has the best protein? I’m bored of eating chicken! Ok, well lets give you some alternative tasty protein rich foods to try!

What is protein?  Protein is an essential building block in our body that is responsible for helping repair, maintain and build skin, bone, hair, nails and most importantly here, muscle.

Proteins are made up of 20 amino acids.  8 of these are ESSENTIAL in an adult diet – meaning we can’t produce them ourselves so have to get them from our food. (There are 9 essential for children, but that’s too much info for now)… For the purpose of this blog, we are concentrating on adult protein intake and how to get enough when training to support and repair muscle. 

In fact a good thing to point out here is:



Makes sense right?

Food protein sources are categorised in 2 levels:

COMPLETE (ie contain all 8 amino acids)  |  INCOMPLETE (ie contain less than all 8)

These 2 categories usually fall into 2 food groups:

Animal proteins = complete  |  Plant proteins = incomplete

This doesn’t mean if you only eat plant proteins you won’t get all the essential amino acids you require, just that you should probably make sure you eat a good variety of them so one source can make up where another is lacking.

Are you still with me?


So how much protein should we have? How do we know how much is in our food? What about when training….? We will get to that, but for now (and the main reason this post was generated), here are my personal favourite high protein foods to add into the mix if you’re finding the chicken and lentil diet is getting a bit bland!


High Protein Foods to try:


They actually have all 20 amino acids not just the 8 essentials, they are protein boss


Plant based, but have all 8 essential amino acids and honestly I cant recommend them enough, they go in everything and they fill me up – and you know that’s saying something! I use chiabia in smoothies, porridge, with granola and cereals, I make chia puddings, add them to overnight oats, they go in my energy bites, on salad, in with veggie ratatouille and with scrambled eggs – everything!


Its also plant based with all essential amino acids though.  Bland, yes, boring, yes – it literally needs spicing up but do that and you’re all good.


Other high protein recommendations (aside from meats and fish and in no particular order):


Milk, milled seeds etc check Good Hemp Food. Love their hemp milk in coffee – so creamy


Known to be a bit more easily digestible than some other high protein beans


Cos we all love hummus right?




And other NUTS and NUT BUTTERS including of course PEANUT BUTTER!


(Tuna), lobster (I wish I could afford it!), scallops, muscles ….

11) Be careful with too many soy products but EDAMAME BEANS fresh from the pods, in a stir fry on a salad are high protein, filling and refreshing (especially with mint too)


More high protein veggies:

12) PEAS

Yes the simple green pea is quite a high protein source



15) KALE



Don’t forget the dairy:


Keeping it low fat COTTAGE CHEESE is great and versatile


Be careful to find a high protein natural yoghurt and not one full of added sugars though!

And don’t forget the wild card….. 19) BUGS are really high in protein!  In facts INSECTS for their size are perhaps the most nutritionally dense source of protein out there.  Although for now, I know I’d rather stick to the peanut butter….


How do you calculate how much protein you actually need?  There will be a lovely graphic in the Newsletter with calculations for you – just pop your email address in HERE and I will make sure you get that.

How do I know how much is in my food?  Well the easiest way is to literally Google – that is if you are using fresh ingredients. 

**REMEMBER to look at the amounts you are eating the foods in though.  Google tends to give you 100g worth across the board, but if you’re eating 100g of chicken that’s gonna be a very different portion size than a 100g sunflower seeds for example**

I’ve got you all a chart of everyday foods and their protein content which will also be on the newsletter HERE but you can ask Google for anything else.

What about just looking at the label? Yes you can of course read your food label for its protein content, BUT it’s not as simple as you would think.  Unfortunately.  Don’t panic, we’ve popped a little guide in the newsletter for you too.  You can sign up HERE.


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All The Greens: Simple green smoothie recipe

This weeks simple green smoothie recipe is below.  Starting as we mean to go on using ALL THE GREENS!  (All the green stuff we had anyway).  There can always be more greens….


Spinach (fresh and raw, a good handful)

Avocado (1/2 a frozen one)

Cucumber (1/3rd)

Kiwi (1 whole fruit inc skin)

Apple (1/2 a fresh green with skin, no pips)

Ginger (about an inch, fresh raw ginger root – skin off)

Water (COLD 240ml or more to acquired thickness)


Chop all the solid ingredients to chunks (you might want to leave the frozen avocado out a bit so easier to chop and blend), then add to blender  |  Add a good handful of raw baby spinach leaves to the chopped ingredients  |  Pour over the water to almost cover  |  BLEND (in the nutribullet we blend between 15-21 seconds)

Things to remember:

  • Try and use more vegetables than fruits in your green smoothie.  You don’t want too much sugar – even if its fruit sugar – at this time of the day otherwise you’re setting yourself up for a crash, a sugar slump, later on.  Saying that – if you are starting out with the smoothie blending and/or you naturally have a ‘sweet tooth’ start mixing fruits and veg and gradually replace the fruit to get to a higher ratio of veg to fruit as your tastes develop.
  • Try adding a splash of apple juice to the blend if you don’t like the texture of the blended apple it can be something you will get used to, but it can be bitty and separate easily, therefore the juice instead will sweeten the green smoothie a lot and give a better drinking texture
  • You can always use more/different greens – you can blend up any green veggies in theory – how about trying another few of our favorites from the list below for your next simple green smoothie:

Broccoli  |  Celery  |  Mangetout  |  Snow peas  |  Kale  |  Lettuce  |  Chicory  |  Asparagus

Nutrition Info:

  • In the green packed blend today you will find a huge vitamin C, antioxidant boost!  This comes from the KIWI fruit, which will also provide a healthy amount of both soluble fibre (the green part) and insoluble fibre (the skin and seeds)
  • You will also be lapping up a good hit of vitamin A from the SPINACH (remember this is great for your skin, hair and nails)
  • Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin – so blending this with the AVOCADO, will help the uptake of vit A in your body, while the good fats (ie about 10g of monounsaturated fat in half an avo) will also help in lowering bad cholesterol.
  • The avocado will also provide more fibre and holds vitamin B6 again good for skin, hair and nails, while it can also provide positive effects on PMT and hormone control.
  • GINGER of known more as a flavouring, and really will spice up your smoothie, but its also known for its anti sickness properties.  Its great for relieving nausea so if you’re suffering morning sickness, have a long journey ahead or are just feeling a bit queasy anytime ginger can help!

OK, well there you have it – the no nonsense nutrition, all the greens smoothie!  Have a go and let me know what you put in yours…  For more recipes grab our newsletter HERE and please share your lovely green smoothie pics and recipes with us via social – you can find us on:  FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER

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3 Basic Ways to Form Healthy Eating Habits

This Tasty Tuesday its simple.   Here are 3 basic healthy eating habits to try.

Are you getting slightly confused/a little overwhelmed this time of year with lists and advice on things we should do, not do, eat and not eat?  21 day detoxing, 30 day ab challenges, 14 day matcha tea drinking…..the list goes on….?!

Yep, me too.  So how about remembering what we already know and actually just doing it?  Taking action on our intentions to be the best we can.

A lot of us (me included) are embarking on a healthier lifestyle this January and eating well is a  big part of it.  That’s great, just don’t be too hard on yourself if by now – yes 10 days in – you think you have already broken all the rules/resolutions you set and you’ve totally blown it.  Don’t despair if you’re bored, hungry and cant be bothered.  Its ok.  Its what we do, we are human.

How about trying the no nonsense way instead?

3 basic ways to form healthy eating habits we should all be able to stick to:  Apart from saying NO to seconds and YES to salads, try these for a no nonsense way to bring on healthy eating habits this year:

  1. Drink more water. 

    It will fill you up, aid digestion, and of course keep you hydrated.  You’ve heard it before, I will say it again – the brain can easily confuse thirst and hunger signals, so a lot of the time you think you’re hungry you are actually just thirsty.  Try a drink first, but remember to eat at regular intervals too.

  2. Do not deprive yourself

    Don’t stock pile for a binge.  Remember healthy is about BALANCE.  Storing up the junk food or only eating it at weekends is prolonging the pain as far as I’m concerned.  Enjoy a little of what you fancy, do not label any foods good or bad and think about MODERATION as key.  A healthy attitude to all food leads to better healthy eating habits.

  3. Write down what you eat/drink.

    Be honest and write down EVERYTHING you consume.  Believe me, if you start this now at the end of the day/week when you look back over your food diary, you will either be proud or disgusted!

There you go – 3 basic, simple, no nonsense tips and tricks.  Tried and tested and results seen every time.  You see – they say there are no quick fixes, but there are 3.  All you have to do it take action and follow them to create healthy eating habits this new year.


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Mary Berry Christmas Cupcakes | Tasty Tuesday

Its that time of year that we need to share the ultimate in wonderful Mary Berry Christmas Cupcakes recipe.  If anyone remembers back to (approx) Xmas 2011 they may remember this.  The pre-measured, foolproof, no nonsense baking of the Christmas cupcakes brought to you by the one and only Mary Berry.  The best tasting Christmas there ever was and the one and only time I have baked well!

To celebrate I wanted to share her recipe because you cant find these packs for love nor money anymore and I cant find the recipe listed on Marys website or books anywhere either….such a shame – but here we go this was what was in that pack and what we did with it:


For the Christmas cupcakes –

200g dark brown sugar

225g self raising flour

6g mixed spice

190g mixed fruit (sultanas, mixed peel, currants, raisins)

150g unsalted (softened) butter

3 medium eggs

1 orange

12 cupcake cases

Silver/Gold balls to decorate (totally optional, any other decorations of your choice excellent too)


For the brandy butter icing –

225g icing sugar

100g unsalted (softened) butter

35ml brandy



Preheat the oven to 180 and pop the cupcake cases in your cupcake tin

Beat the butter and sugar together

Fold the flour and mixed spice into that mix (this will become quite dry but don’t panic at this stage) *you might want to sieve the flour first to make it nice and light in the mixture

Next crack in the 3 whole eggs

Zest the orange, add the zest and the juice and then mix everything together

Lastly stir in the dried fruit before dividing the cake mix up into the cupcake cases

Pop them in the oven for approx half hour

Lick the spoon – its good right?

For the icing –

Beat the icing sugar and remaining butter until smooth

Add the brandy making it even creamer and light

*The smell at this point is so Christmassy with the brandy icing and the spiced cakes starting to cook, that you will be wanting a mulled wine/mulled cider/baileys; so pour yourself a drink before you take the cupcakes out to cool*

After 30mins (ish) take the cakes are out the oven and leave to cool for about 15mins while you finish your drink

Then take a pallet knife or spatula and spread the brandy icing on top

At this point you can also add the silver balls, or any other decorations of your choice

*Now sit back, feet up and savor one of these spiced and boozy Christmas cupcakes while they are still fresh and warm in the middle*

Nutrition Information:

  • Don’t worry about it.  Its Christmas and its cake.  Seriously if you cant have your cake and eat it at Christmas when else can you?
  • Being serious, obviously these are boozy, they are not for kids or anyone with alcohol intolerance or difficulties
  • Please remember to eat and drink in moderation AND that these can make great gifts….or are fab for sharing!
  • ENJOY and INDULGE just remember balance, one is great, three perhaps not so much


Merry Christmas everyone! 

Seasons Greetings and Festive cheer to all from no nonsense nita x

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Thirsty Thursday | Simple Green Smoothie Recipe

Looking for a fresh healthy start to the day in among the fabulous gluttony and excess of the festive period?  Then give this thirsty Thursday simple green smoothie a shot.  Or indeed have a shot at this super simple green smoothie.  Or in fact have a shot OF this fresh no nonsense green smoothie.  However you do it, here is the list of ingredients included in this one; including a money saving, time saving, labour saving, no nonsense cheat!

Start the day staring down the barrel of a smoothie straw into this blend:


Cucumber (1/3rd)

Fresh, raw baby spinach leaves (generous handful)

Frozen mango chunks (handful)

The fresh juice of half a lemon

JUICE – apple, red pepper, sweet potato

Water (approx 240mls / medium glass)



For the Juice:

Puree (or juice if you have a juicer) 3-4 large (red) apples, 1-2 medium red or orange pepper and 1 medium sweet potato (skin off).  Add the juice of half a lemon to keep this fresh.  As long as stored in an airtight container and refrigerated this will last up to 3 days but in all honesty there wont be much of it.

SO you could;

Buy apple, pepper and sweet potato juice ready made (I got mine in Tesco) *Just take note as we mentioned before if buying pre-made juices and smoothies, make sure you double check the ingredients list and the nutrition label for anything else added that may not agree with you, or for added/extra sugar or anything you cant pronounce!*  This one has apple puree, and the traffic light system label does show its higher in sugar than anything else, but these will be mainly fruit sugars from the apple and apple puree so not to worry too much.

For the green smoothie:

Chop the cucumber into blender

Add the frozen mango chunks

Add the spinach

Squeeze over the lemon juice

Pour over the apple, red pepper and sweet potato juice

Add the 240mls of water or enough to cover and to get the smoothie to your desired consistency

BLEND (adding more water as you go if needed)


You could also pop a carrot or 2 in the juice, or chop and add to the blender smoothie mix.  You could add some raw ginger for an extra kick.  You could pop some lettuce in there too – crisp round iceberg lettuce keeps it nice and fresh! Also have a mix up of the apple, pepper, sweet potato portions to balance the flavour to your liking.


Nutrition Information:

Why are we sharing the recipe?

  • It was a super simple tasty wake up
  • You can make the juice separately and keep that itself for about 3 days to use in other blends
  • Its super and simple and green and we might just need that fresh start at this time of year when we have finished everything else to excess….a good bit of fruit and veg can top vitamins and minerals up and keep  fibre flowing to keep your gut working (even when overloaded with Xmas)
  • VITAMIN A – can be found in all the main ingredients in this smoothie: especially sweet potato, red pepper and mango.  In fact if you’re looking for plant based sources of vitamin A  (these come in the form of beta-carotene that is converted in the body to vitamin A and used for the following) look for fruits and veggies that are red or orange or even yellow in colour.  Red bell peppers are bursting with it and 1 sweet potato (including the skin thats not used in this recipe) can give you up to 438% of your daily allowance compared a regular white potato only providing 1%.
  • Vitamin A and C (which is also found in most this smoothies ingredients) will help keep your immune system working against infection, keep your skin nice and clear and healthy and most importantly at this time of year vitamin A can help keep the lining of some body parts clear and healthy too – especially the nose.  Good to know for cold and flu season right?
  • People can be prescribed vitamin A topically or internally for conditions such as acne, wrinkles or dry eye so before you suffer any of those, top up on the vitamin A super boosting smoothie!


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Feel Good Friday | Winter Salad Recipe

Yes – we LOVE Fridays.  Feel Good Friday is a thing.  And our no cook, no nonsense Winter Salad Recipe we made last Friday needs to be shared. You see this Friday I had the opportunity to get up a bit later, take it easy for breakfast and the whole morning routine.  I was lucky enough to work from home securing the offers exclusive to our subscribers in this weeks free Weekly Digest newsletter (Not signed up yet?  Want to?  You can do that HERE) and then, after a fabulous morning I had the time and opportunity to whip up a lunch to enjoy by myself in the peace and quiet of an empty house before heading out for some evening work that id been looking forward to as well.  ALL GOOD.

So the lunch is what I wanted to share with you.

From bits and pieces in the fridge and some leftovers I layered up a great winter salad.


Rocket (generous handful)

Chicken (left over cooked chicken breast pieces)

Baby beetroot (from packet, approx 5)

Broccoli (handful florets, broken up into small chunks)

3 bean mix (including haricot beans, black beans, pinto beans)


Red pepper (1/3rd chopped into tiny chunks)

Tbsp Red wine vinegar (tbsp)

Juice of half a lemon (freshly squeezed)

2 x tbsp Oil (rapeseed, olive or your preferred variety)

Fresh mint (to taste – not too much!)



For the 3 bean salad –

The beans were from a tin, I did not buy and soak and prep #nononsense.  Just remember from a tin to buy in water, not in oil if possible.  Drain the beans and pop about half of each tin together in a bowl with sweetcorn and red pepper.  You can add as much or as little as you like of the corn and pepper I’d just say not too much red pepper as the corn will sweeten it up nicely enough.  Add salt and pepper here and mix together.

Add a tbsp red wine vinegar, 2 of oil (we used rapeseed, but olive oil or something light of your choice will do nicely), and squeeze over the juice (no pips) of half a lemon.  Mix in some fresh mint to taste as well.

TASTE the mix adding more lemon juice, vinegar, black pepper or mint as you like.

On the plate –

First pile the rocket (or spinach, black kale, watercress) in the center.  Pile the 3 bean mix on top, then the chopped (or even better, shredded) cooked chicken on top of that.  Then add the broccoli in bite sized pieces – raw. Keep on piling directly on top, the chopped beetroots and a little more bean mix.

Add a tiny pinch of salt, and then black pepper over the top.

You also add some pine nuts and/or sesame seeds for some added crunch.

Try it and let us know how you get on – share your no nonsense winter salad pics via Facebook, or tag us on your Instagram snaps @nononsensenita #nononsensenita.  You can also email me on for more info, or if you have better ideas to share – what additions did you make to make this one your own??

And why are we telling you a bout this salad?

  1. Tasted amazing – give it a go!
  2. Filled me up – bonus!
  3. Took under 5 mins to make – no nonsense!
  4. Its seriously good for you healthy – nutritional values =
  • Rocket and broccoli are both good sources of Vitamin A and C.  Rocket also contains calcium and broccoli is high in fibre.  Broccoli also contains a variety of phytonutrients – chemicals that protect the plant from germs and disease that transfer nicely into us to help protect us against disease too!  Research suggests phytonutrients can help protect us against disease from cataracts to cancer.
  • Beetroot is lovely and high in vitamin C and fibre to give us a boost
  • In the beans you will find magnesium – for increased energy – and iron – that can eradicate fatigue.  Haricot beans also contain vitamin C, Pinto beans are high in fibre and vitamin B6, and black beans are high in protein too.
  • Chicken of course is protein rich and also contains good levels of vitamin B6.
  • FIBRE – helps control blood sugar levels (perhaps reducing our risk of developing type 2 diabetes)
  • IRON – metabolises proteins, eradicates fatigue
  • PROTEIN – functions as the building blocks (and to repair) our bones, muscles, cartilage
  • VITAMIN A – aids bone growth and immune health along with VITAMIN C helping fight bacteria and viruses more effectively.


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How Do You Milk A Cockroach?

Cockroach milk.

You know they say cockroaches and Cher are the only 2 things that could survive nuclear disaster? Well today we discovered a possible reason why this is a good thing (the survival of the cockroaches, not Cher so much – although I love Cher)!  And yep, that’s cockroach milk.

So “How do you milk a cockroach” could be a question we will soon be asking a lot more than you thought due to a recent study, that has found cockroach milk to be so nutrient dense it could be our best bet of a future protein source!

We seem to have a great fascination these days with dairy free milk alternatives and I LOVE most of them. You know I bang on about hemp milk, oat milk, almond milk etc and I have been using them (although I am not lactose intolerant, I am not vegan and I still eat lots of other dairy produce regularly) as I really enjoy the flavours, textures and the addition they make to my coffee and smoothies and ice cream making attempts!

While I’m not yet convinced cockroach milk will be my dairy free alternative of choice, there are some very interesting facts in this recent study:

Here is the research paper:

And the no nonsense explanation and conclusion is in this weeks blog – READ MORE HERE

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Are you at Risk of Vitamin D Deficiency?

Vitamin D – The Sunshine Vitamin!  Did you see our blog about it yesterday?  Did you see the news and new advice from Public Health England?  Have you seen/enjoyed/heated up in the sun in the UK over the last couple of days?

Well – this one is all for you then.  Yesterday PHE gave us some new advice on supplementing our intake of vitamin D.  D is a strange one as we get it not from the food and drinks we consume, but from sunlight we soak up on our skin.  As we know (although hard to believe this week) we simply don’t get enough sun in the UK – and therefore we simply don’t get enough vit D.

Full PHE press release is here:

The advice from Public Health England was to take a vitamin D supplement during the winter months (Oct-Mar) to boost our intake, and that was especially recommended to at risk groups such as children and the elderly.

Yesterday a new recommendation was given, that ALL of us could benefit from supplementing and we could benefit by taking it year round.

But what does vitamin D do? 

How/where do we get vitamin D?

Why do we need it? 

And why a supplement and not eating the right foods to increase our intake? 

Find out in this weeks blog, which includes the full press release from Public Heath England and the full study from SACN that this new advice is based on.  Click here for Vitamin D blog

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Complete the Cook – week 2

In this weeks Complete the Cook we have 3 product recommendations for you that will help you complete the 2 recipes below:





  • Garlic and parsley flatbread (1/3rd)
  • Fresh raw baby spinach leaves (a generous handful)
  • Green olives in oil, cooked red peppers and chilli (another generous handful)
  • Feta cheese chunks (we cut 1 slice from the block and divided that into 6 pieces)
  • Quinoa Salad Topper (big tablespoon full)
  • Honey (just a nice drizzle over the top)


Put the stuff on top of the bread, in the order as listed above.  Enjoy!



  • Unsweetened almond milk (enough to cover the fruit in blender)
  • Perfectly Imperfect Strawberries AS PER LAST WEEKS BLOG (large handful)
  • Frozen cherries (large handful)
  • Acai powder (heaped teaspoon full)
  • Chia Seeds (tablespoon)
  • Cucumber (1/3rd)

Add the fruit and chia seeds to the blender / Cover with the milk / Pop in the powder / Blend til creamy (find the consistency you prefer adding less milk, more chia for thicker and vice versa for more diluted) / Drink and enjoy with your breakfast or as a super boost snack!

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